Day 7…

…ended very well, but we did not expect that!
The rain continued all night and abated only slightly while we packed up, so we set off in the wet, with wet tents and for personally wet spirits too. I had slept quite well but woke with a head-ache and sore throat. Pete decided to give his hand chance to scab over so did not ride with us, so we were only five.
Despite the rain, or maybe because of it, we made great time seeing glimpses of lighter sky but the rain was dominant and we were soaked to the skin. The others have a good theory: once you’re wet, you’re wet, but sadly I can’t subscribe to it. My theory is: once you’re wet do all you can to get dry again, so I was not going to be pleased till then.
We continued to clock up the kms, though, and after a quick lunch under a closed petrol station forecourt we had seen away 68km and only had about 7km left.
This is when things changed. The sun came out! It immediately warmed up and I was able to take off my wet coat, and things just got better. The last 7km went quickly and we found ourselves a good campsite.
I remember from last year that there are some place you head for because they are the right distance away and you just hope there will be a campsite. Some don’t and others turn out to be a buzzing destination- Jard su Mer is the latter. There were a few campsites to choose from (our main criteria was a dryer) and a beach to walk to in the evening, but before that I had to have my pre-dinner low.
On arrival at the site we located the dryer, bought a token and washed everything ready to dry- looking forward so much to dry clothes! Then put our pile of clothes in the queue and went for a swim. we got back to the dryer just in time to see someone remove the previous load and put their own in. I suprised myself how cross I could be in French, but the woman was wiley and obstinate and we has to wait another hour for the dryer. grumpy because of this I then dropped my bowl of food all over my bike. As is usual at this time just before food, I was not able to get this in perspective and felt very grumpy about it all.
As is also usual, though, I was fine half an hour later after eating another bowl of food and having a shower. We set off for the anticipated walk to the beach.
A bustling holiday town with great bars and restaurants along the sea front and an old port. We sat, drank biere, chatted and skimmed stones all of which was delightful. Then at 915pm, fifteen minutes later than advertised, the live music started. I also remember from last year that this always makes a night enjoyable, and it did not fail. On a little stage by the port, a band called Bachibou Souk entertained us with ska/jazz tunes; delightful.
I left the kids down there and headed for bed. I am certainly keeping up with them, but only just and I certainly need as much sleep as I can, so heading to bed at 1030 is sadly essential.
It has just now started to rain again, which may dampen spirits as well as the washing on the lines, but we will see in the morning.

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