Day 9…

…was another all round good day. A late night in La Rochelle meant we did not start early, but when we got going we made good distances. The public holiday meant we couldn’t get breakfast before hand so The Major let us stop quite soon for food.
It was already hot when we set off and it only got hotter. Al left last night so only 5 of us cycling for the rest of the trip.
We had our first puncture, courtesy of Jonny, but that gave us a great excuse for a break, and The Major couldn’t argue!!
We passed through an interesting 16th Century walled city called Brouage; the perfect setting for lunch. I was amazed by The Major’s ability to read an information sign and not be able to retell any of the information!
After lunch we made good progress, crossing our second high bridge of the day (the only hills we climed today were man-made!!), and making it to Bronce-Les-Bains for early afternoon.
This left the rest of the day to enjoy, so we got set up and showered and headed for the beach. Sadly we were on the estuary side of the coast and so the beach was a bit manky and not pleasant swimming- but Jungle Speed on the beach made up for it.
It was Mel’s last night so we went out into town to eat, and once again found a buzzing place, although this one a bit more Weston-Super-Mare with arcades and fairground rides. However, once again, we stumbled upon the guarenteed good night ingredient: live music. This time rock and roll- fun was had by all. This meant another late night!!

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