Day 10…

…was hot. It was already hot when I woke up at 8am which probably contributed to my bad mood.
Other contributing factors were the fact that I hadn’t gone to bed till past midnight, and that as I opened my tent everyone else was packing up theirs. No time for a coffee or gentle wake up. I felt rough and did not like anyone else, which I knew was unreasonable. I think it is because the alternative was not liking myself for not having the self-discipline to go to bed early when I need to. Anyway, I was in a foul mood and not really fully awake when we set off. My only memory of that first couple of hours was feeling very tired.
We stopped for a break in Palmyre and things started to look up, Principally because there was a coffee shop selling its wares.
It remained hot all day but the cycling was good. Drinking lots of water. We came to a big estuary without a bridge and had to take a ferry, which I always enjoy. Most of today was on off-road, paved cycle routes which were brilliant. Lots along the coast, lots through pine forests which were much cooler, making it a great ride. We arrived in Montalivet about 4pm and found the campsite. This has to be the most secure campsite I have ever been to; with wristbands and everything.
There was talk of going to the beach, but even a swim in the sea was not worth it for me. I intended to sit around, sort my stuff out and go to bed early, which is what I did.

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