Day 12…

…started with thunder storms. At about 2am a series of almighty crashed woke us all up, followed by hard rain. This meant that we got up to wet sand all around. Urgh.
The aim was to be out by 8am as we had a 80km day and we were to carry all our baggage. Up till now we have been able to off load much of it into the car, but Mel left on Tuesday night and today Grace was going to pick up her sister who joins us for the last couple of days, but they are staying in Biarritz and we will join them tomorrow. We left at 823am mostly thanks to Jonny!
Going was tough to start with. My legs felt like they had not recovered from last night’s climbing, so even the smallest hills were a struggle. It felt like the day would drag.
However, I warmed up and started keeping up with the others, and once again we started making good time. By lunch we were back by the beach in Mimizan and it was baking.
The we entered the magical wood! It was much like the other woodland paths we have taken but this had more undulation. However, it felt funny. I noticed it, but it was only when Pete mentioned it, and then everyone agreed, that we knew what we meant. It looked like we were going uphill, but we were coasting as if it was downhill. We never really worked out what was happening, maybe we were particularly slip-streamed?
Arriving at Contis-Plage, after a short hunt for the campsite, we headed straight for the pool. Delightful.
We are now sitting watching Mo, a band; live music at the campsite. Two guys playing guitars and drums and other instruments. Unashamedley pop, and great fun.

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2 Responses to Day 12…

  1. chramm says:

    You know, I did suggest this idea of the trees being at an angle and they all laughed at me!!! It may well have been this.

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