Day 14…

…was home time.
It was great not to have to get up by any time, and to then just lie around rather than pack-up straight away and get cycling! I have enjoyed the cycling, and really gotten into a pattern the last few days, butt not having a day off in 10 days meant this was great!
It was already too hot to be in the sun by 830am, so we headed up to the campsite bar for breakfast, and then straight into the pool. The others were all staying for a few days so I was the only one who had to pack-up at all; but with the airport just across the road I was not in a rush.
My flight was at 4pm and check in closed at 345pm so I though that if I was there by 2pm I would have time to pack the bike up into the bag and check-in with plenty of time. I was there by six minutes past one and packed up by half-past! It is quite sad seeing the bike dismantled. It has been my home for the past 2 weeks and now it is in a bag!!
I had a nap for about an hour until check in opened and then joined the queue- I had plenty of time. 40mins later, at 310pm I got to the front of the queue to be told that my bag was not sufficient, and I needed a box. I was pretty sure I had checked all the info I was given and packed it up to specifications so felt pretty annoyed, especially as I now only had 30mins to sort it out. As it happens, the help desk at Biarritz airport are very helpful. They sold me a very good box for just 10 euros and even gave me the tape to close it up. I made the gate with plenty of time, thankfully.
The rest was straight forward. My sister met me at Gatwick with my two gorgeous nieces and then I drove home. It remains annoying that I can do in half a day what took us two weeks to do, but it was much more fun by bike!

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4 Responses to Day 14…

  1. sandy girvan says:

    It has been a treat living vicariously through you on your adventure. Your commentary has been delightful and so have your photos. It has pushed me to try and do a bike trip next year….somewhere.

  2. Andrew says:

    Good read, good trip! Congratulations. Have the others continued their journey south?

  3. chramm says:

    Sandy, do it, it is great fun.
    Andrew, they have staying to enjoy Biarritz for a few days, they are not continuing cycling. The Major and Pete cycled to Barcelona two years ago (well Pete had 2 weeks off in the middle), and The Major went to Rome last year inbetween you and me, so they certaionly could carry on if they wanted to!

  4. Maggie says:

    Well done Chris! I’ve enjoyed reading along 🙂

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