Bikes and Trains

As any regular reader of my blog will know (as if there are any!) I am not averse to putting my bike on a train occasionally. These last two weekends I have done just that, ad will do it again in a couple of weeks!
The cost of petrol has risen sufficiently that it is just about the same price to drive on my own as it is to go on the train, if you book tickets well in advance. It also means I can work a bit on the train and even have a nap, which is frowned upon when driving.
The cost equivalence is only about right, and only for med/long journeys like London/Swindon/Bournemouth. That means that as soon as you add a taxi getting to the station or parking, and the a taxi the other end, it starts to become more expensive and not worth the incvenience of not having a car!!
So, I have trialled cycling. 15mins to the station and then a varied distance the other end. Last weekend in Swindon it worked a treat, and today I have been to London. In fact, riding across the city was more fun than tubing it! Unless petrol gets cheaper this is the plan from now on.

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  1. Andrew says:

    I’m a regular reader ! 🙂

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