Biarritz to Madrid 2012

So it is about to begin. I have packed up my bike into a box, ready to go on the plane, and all my stuff is scattered around the floor ready to go in the panniers.  This is the first time I have been on a cycling trip that hasn’t started at ‘home’ so I am a bit nervous about packing up the bike at the start of the trip- I just hope it all goes back together again when we get there!

There are a few less of us this year, only four. Keith (The Major) returns, as do Jonny and Pete. Keith and I are leaving early Sunday morning, and the others join us in Biarritz on Sunday evening.  The first job will be to negotiate a route; with a more direct route on the table as well as a more coastal route. If you choose to follow the updates that will follow in future days, you will find out which we choose!!

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One Response to Biarritz to Madrid 2012

  1. Milemuncher says:

    Lucky you! Hope all goes well with the plane trip. Ride safe and enjoy!

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