Day One…

…started very early with a 330am alarm. Everything was already packed and Keith and I were driven to Gatwick by his brother. The Major got a bit antsy when my breakfast took a long time to come, but we made it to the gate in good time (9mins) and landed safely in Biarritz 1hr 40mins later.As we waited for our luggage I met an American guy with an identical bike box. When I say ‘I met him’ I mean I lingered close to him checking his labels incase he had one of our bikes! He didn’t, and se we got chatting. He is on his way to cycle El Camino di Santiago.Then just as we were almost finished re-building our bikes on the terminal floor, the sirens started and we were instructed to evacuate the building. This was following a couple of announcements asking the owner of the brown package to remove it, so we knew the cause. It was all a much less formal and urgent matter than I would have expected, and since we were just about ready we cycled away to start our holiday.It was overcast, but hot. Putting up the tent after a swift check in, in French, was sweaty work. It was soon done, though and within an hour we were on the beach. Our first cheese (and ham for The Major) baguette was consumed for lunch and then we slept, and swam a bit, and slept. Since we had no sun cream this also meant that we burned!A few hours later we were joined by the rest of team; Jonny and Pete, who both had their own issues. Jonny’s saddle was broken, and Pete’s washing up liquid had exploded!! It remained hot, so we just hung out, chatted, and whiled away the evening before returning to the campsite for a beer and bed. There is some discussion about the route we will follow tomorrow, but it will at least include a trip to the bike shop for Jonny. The journey begins…

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