Day Two…

…I think I had just put out of my mind the fact that we would have to start by crossing the Pyrenees. The day started well, on time:830 and we headed first to a bike shop for Jonny’s seat. Sadly it was closed so we didn’t fix it till we found an InterSport almost into St Jean de Lux. Then the climbing started! It felt good and was quite brief, leading us nicely into St Pee sur Nivelle where we bought lunch. Then Pete got a puncture! Then the real climbing started! It was very pleasant to start with, as we followed a river upwards. Then we left the river. It remained enjoyable all the way up the 602m climb over 20km; but boy was it hard work? It meant the day took much longer and it was so hot. I took lots of short walks, and the others who tanked it up were very gracious to wait for me at regular intervals.Then it was time to come down. Fantastic, long coast down to the campsite. My Spanish is quite rusty, but I am getting by. Another country I have cycled in, and another mountain range crossed. I am tired now, as expected, but have a satisfied glow!!

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2 Responses to Day Two…

  1. Milemuncher says:

    Fantastic! Well done!

  2. Mick Hammersley says:

    I cycled round locko park today but feel quite inadequate after reading that love from grandad mick

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