Day Five…

…was my bike issue day, but even with that it was largely uneventful. I started tired, and took a long time to warm up as we left Estella.

One reason was probably that the first 5km or so was uphill. The next 14km, though, were steady ups and lots of downs and before long we had rattled off 19km. The landscape remained quite barren, although we got glimpses of mountains to our left and right as we travelled west in the valley.

It looked, on the map, like we had one more hill to climb after another 10km, but just before we did Keith (who is not being The Major this year) got a puncture. Whilst he fixed it Jonny and I got a head start on the hill. Thankfully it turned out that it was not only our last it was also small! However, just as we got to the top I noticed a rubbing from my back wheel. It was buckled. In fact the rim was actually cracked around one of the spokes. There was nothing we could do about it so I loosed my brakes to stop them rubbing, and carried on. The next 10km into Logrono was much the same, we got our heads down and pedaled. We stopped for food at the CarreFour and made our way to the campsite, courtesy of a helpful garage attendant.

What a great campsite! Decadent bathroom, shady pitches, impressive fountain, and cheap access to the Lido next door! Sadly, whilst the others headed to the pool I had to go and get my wheel sorted. I had texted my Mum, when I had found it, asking her to look for a bike shop in town, and she had replied so I headed off. It was soon fixed and I rushed to get back to the pool, until my tyre went flat! I had no pump so I walked back to Decathlon where they fixed and apologised for their mistake.

I met the guys back in the pools and had a go on the waterslides before we cooked tea and headed into town for some more hanging out. Logrona is another place that is lively and buzzing in the evenings much like all of the cities we have seen. It has its antique churches but also cosmopolitan aspects too. A very pleasant place to spend an evening, and a downhill ride back to the campsite for bed!!

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