Day Six…

…has been the best day so far. Praise God for the wonders of His creation!

It was a slow start again, but we made good time on a steady uphill south out of Logrono, heading straight for the mountains. The facade we were approaching was impressive, and although we were climbing a bit it was very manageable, and the mountains grew larger and larger ahead of us. The landscape was still quite barren, but now anything but uninteresting. Then it started to look like we could go no further and we feared that our plan to follow the river up would be thwarted by a tunnel. We continued with trepidation until a thin valley opened up around the corner leading us further up into the Sierra de Cameros.

It was all so beautiful and such a pleasure to ride through them. In fact we were riding up them, but hardly noticed. We have all taken more pictures today than any other day so far. At one point as we climbed a large bird flew over. I have no idea what species to expect here. Later we saw lots of large birds circling and riding up the thermals to go over the top of one of the peaks. Brilliant. We continued to climb to about 1000m (I am not sure how high Logrono is), and after 50km already I was flagging. Another 7km off the main road to the campsite really did me in.

The evening seems like a totally different day. We arrived at the campsite about 1.30pm and so had lunch and then slept for a while. At about 6pm we got back on the bikes and headed further up the river where a fellow brit (from London but with a Geordie accent) had told us about some pools to swim in. It was lovely; a mountain river/stream and dappled sun through the trees. The jays up here are bold. One flew down right in front us to take a bit of bread! We had brought dinner up with us so we cooked and ate before heading back to the campsite.On the way back there was a guy practicing his bagpipes!

I lie in my tent, a little chilly at 1200m, and I can hear cow bells clanging in the mountain around. What a lovely way to fall asleep!

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One Response to Day Six…

  1. Milemuncher says:

    Sounds like a great day indeed.

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