Day Seven…

…was another great day. It started very cold as we were camping at 1000m. Once we warmed up a little we set off up the pass; El Puerto de Piqueras. We knew the top of the road was at 1710m so we were expecting a long climb, and that is what we got. This was good, though, because it meant the switchbacks over the tunnel would not be such a big climb. In fact we climbed to 1450m even before we got directed off the main road. On the way up we passed a huge, impressive dam, until we got over the wall and saw that it was almost empty!

Then the switchbacks started. Thankfully, though, only about 4km later we were at the view-point taking photos and then having lunch at the top; all by 1130am.We still had 40km to go to Soria, so the inevitable downhill was very welcome, all 16km of it, and although the rest of it was rolling hills we got into formation and pushed ahead very quickly.

Arrival in Soria was disappointing with no signs to the campsite, and a closed info office. We did find it eventually and we also found the large cool, still as a mill-pond pool!! It was quickly disturbed by no-hand dives and flips, courtesy of Keith. Just next to the campsite, to the south of the city, there was an area with 15-20 of the big circling birds. I am wondering if they are some kind of vulture?  Do they have them here?
[A quick internet search having returned suggests they were, in fact, vultures.]

It was a relatively early finish, and after some cards, we settled into cold tents just as the music started blaring out from over the hill!

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