Day Eight…

…started off even colder than yesterday. It was very cold. So cold that I even went and sat in the toilet block for a while to warm up. This was not helped either by the music from over the hill that continued blaring out all night. I love the Grease MegaMix as much as the next person, but at 3am for the second time in half an hour, I was not impressed. The Spanish version of Hakuna Matata would normally have excited me, but not at 430am. We got up for our usual 730am (745am) departure and it was still going, now with Spanish folk; slightly more bearable. We found out, as we left, that it was coming from a small hippy camp over the hill; I imagine they are still going now. There is a variety of types of cycling day on these kind of holidays. Some days, like the last couple in the mountains, are a pleasure ride; just what we came to do. Some, like today, are functional; a way of getting one campsite closer to Madrid. The scenery was good, but nothing new, and the road was pretty straight and undulating, so we got into formation, put our heads down and pedaled . Apparently we got up to 36km/hr for a stretch. That meant that we arrived in El Burgo de Osma at about 1230pm and not feeling too exhausted. That is great, until we find out that the nearest campsite is 17km North, the opposite direction to where we are headed. Pete was keen to push on another 45km and get a day ahead. I was not. The reason we had managed to get that speed was because I had pushed it, knowing we only had 10km more. We found a reasonably priced hostel and, much to Pete’s dismay, we have a bed for tonight. It has turned out to be a delightful afternoon. Not much to ‘see’ or ‘do’ in town, but a great place to sit, relax and play cards. We have wandered around the town, cooked ravioli in the park, and we are now sitting in the main square with many others. Keith and Jonny are playing football, and the clock is chiming 11pm. Time for bed.

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