Day Nine…

…was another function day, though not so easy. I slept really well, which was not so good for Keith, my room-mate, who recorded my snoring.It was another cold morning so we wrapped up and set off. Keith had warned us before we left that he had a slow puncture, but it became a fast one within 15mins so as teh sun rose we stopped in view of a ruined castle while Keith fixed his third puncture.We then cycled. And kept cycling, with occasional drink/wee breaks, until about 30km in.We were passing Ayllon, a small town, and decided we would try and find a supermarket get lunch, tea and breakfast. I am so glad that we did because it was a lovely little town to stop and sit in. An older town with rustic buildings and a busy square.The 20km is where it got hard. Just outside Ayllon the road had recently been repaved, which at first seemed good. It soon became clear that it was slowing us. Then the wind started hard in our face. We plodded on the rest of the way, into the wind, pushing hard to get anywhere. The mountains we will cross tomorrow were on our left by this point, and we hadn’t realised that we have climbed back up to 1250km. We finally arrived at Riatza.Yesterday the map showed a campsite, ut did not have one. Today, no campsite was marked on the map but Keith had double checked there was one. We pulled in a bit later than usual, as it was starting to get very hot. I think we are all agreed that this is the best campsite so far. Great facilities, clean and well maintained, access to a great pool. Slightly too tired to cycle back to see the town, and in anticipation of our longest day tomorrow, we stayed on site and had an early night. I am afraid it might be another cold one!

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