It is 18 months later that I am getting round to filling this gap!…

After the buzz of getting through the tunnel we were excited to get into Madrid. We had discovered earlier the week that Real Madrid were playing Barcelona at football in the Bernabeu Stadium. Now I use these words as if I know what they mean, but before going to Madrid I didn’t! I have no interest in football whatsoever, but I was assured of the gravity of this game at this stadium and so we made our way there. It was a great atmosphere that Keith and Jonny clearly loved. I was up for going to the game if that possible, but sadly the only tickets left were well out of our price range. The only alternative was to watch it in a local pub- which did not have the same enthusiasm for, so I sat and wrote my last days blog whilst the others watched.

The next day we had a late start as Keith and Jonny scouted out the airport and Pete went on a walking tour- communication had failed at the last! We did manage to gather together again in town and started at the Plaza Major. We enjoyed a wander around the city, and it was good. We took a tour of the Royal Palace, which is no longer actually used as a palace! I was very aware that we knew little of the cultural or political history of the city, or indeed the country. A highlight was a visit to the Museo Sofia Reina. One of the others had read about Guernica, a town in Northern Spain, and a Picasso painting in the museum. Also Keith’s strong reaction to Rothko, but I think it was Modern Art in general- he really doesn’t see the point!

We met up with one of Keith’s friend’s for an evening and she introduced us to Mamo the Falafel Bar, which was a big hit- possible the first vegetarian meal Pete has enjoyed!

Another feature of our visit to Madrid was the Red Box. On our first night we noticed someone standing on a box preaching. We couldn’t understand everything, but we picked up some key words and it seemed like it was Christian! A guy came over to talk to us and quickly we were enjoying fellowship as only brothers and sisters in Christ can! The Red Box is a European organisation that does street evangelism in major cities. They stand on a red box and share the gospel. The Madrid group also run a cafe to which we were invited. A couple of days later we did go and visit the cafe. There we met Brittney! Another American who was living and working in Madrid with the ministry. We was very welcoming and chatted to us about the project when another worker arrived to get the stuff for today’s presentations. We were invited to join them and to give our testimony from The Red Box. Jonny and I took them up on it, and about half an hour later we found ourselves sharing the gospel with the people of Madrid- what a joy.

Pete and Jonny left a day earlier than Keith and I, so we spent the extra time. We took the cable car out to a dessert! It was close to a theme park, and there are bike trails etc. It seemed like it gets busy at some times, but in the heat of summer it was not. The cable car ride was fun, though!

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  1. Milemuncher says:

    Looking forward to your reports!

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