Day 1…

…was a good start. Back in 2010 my journey started in a similar way, although I was alone and heading to Derby Station from Allestree. This time it was a 10mile (last one before we change to km!) opening ride from my new home in Hilton. And this time Jonny was starting from Derby too.
It was a good ride and quick, despite feeling the weight difference immediately. The first few miles is my usual commute to work but even there I could feel the extra work in my legs.
With plenty of time to spare we stopped at Sports Direct for Jonny to buy a football whilst I had a conversation about the existence of God with a man outside- me for, him against. Then weaved through Derby City Centre to the station. Tonight we will be weaving our way through Brussels to our campsite!!
We were meeting Pete at St Pancras, so once bikes were loaded into the guards carriage we settle into the empty train with the theme music to Michael Palin’s 80 Days Around The World TV Show going roind in my head (This is pretty usual at the start of any journey for me!)
The last time I did this I almost missed the Eurostar because I had lunch with my sister, thinking it was just like getting on a regular train. This time I was more prepared and we went straight to check our bikes in. Pete chose to pack up his bike and check it in as luggage, saving £15. Jonny and I were not so frugal.
It turned out to be wise, as when Pete started putting his bike together he was missing a part. The bolt to hold the axle in the wheel!! A bit of gaffer tape, a decision to find a bike shop tomorrow and we were onour way. Weaving through Brussels to find the campsite.
We were heading for a temporary campsite, only open in July/August, in a church yard. We were thankful to arrive and find that it did not include gravestones. It is a fine place, although the price doesn’t reflect the basic-ness.
We are going spend day 2 here so all we needed to do was find some food and a square to sit in. This we did; The Grand Square in fact. Beautifully lit and bustling with tourists it was a good place to chill out before heading to bed. (Although not before a bit of scare when Jonny couldn’t open his bike lock!!)

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