I had heard of Antwerp, but I didn’t know anything about it. I have heard of it in the conect of The War, but we saw no evidence of that, and so I still don’t know any details.
The first thing we noticed was the plethora of cyclists. Lots all lycra-d up, but most just milling around, everywhere! The cars and pedestrians give way to the cyclists. They really do. And I have already mentioned the fantastic tunnels.
It is a friendly city, with lots going on, although I think the ‘Youth Map’ was clutching at straws to fill all the paragraphs with interesting info. It seems truly cosmopolitan.
It is also a living city, not just for tourists. Industry working along side the pretty squares. Huge container ships just outside a harbourside restaurant. All the guide books say it is the fashion capital of Belgium. Maybe we didn’t go to the places, but that didn’t stand out to us.
We cooked tea in a park with fountains you can play in, but it was raining so nobody was! We then ventured into town to sit in the square, and what an impressive square it is! Colourful with a grand fountain in the middle. After moving to the square dominated by the tall intricate Cathedral Tower we were accosted by a ‘homeless’ man. Thankfully he liked our offer of cake, so we never did find out what happened to ‘the last people that refused him money’!
Over all, after spending only a few hours here, we have really like it. Not such a place to do stuff, but a great place to be.

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