Day 4…

…started dry, but very soon became wet!
It was a good start, heading into Antwerp via one of the brilliant bike tunnels, and then through the city to head up to Breda. The cycle networks are really well signposted so it is just a case of know which numbers to head for. As soon as we were out of the city we were cycling along a wide canal. A brief chat to a barge sailor and we were on our way for about 15km. Then, at about half past ten the rain started. No sooner had we stopped to put on jackets (Pete also bought his show covers, but I didn’t) than we were totally drenched.
It is still raining now as I sit in the tent, leaning out occasionally to stir the pasta.
The cycle paths were mostly off road, through corn fields, and well paved. We noted a few times that they would be lovely to ride through in the sunshine. That said, I wasn’t not enjoying it like this. For some reason my spirits have remained high, although we will see how quickly that lasts if it is still raining in the morning! Jonny, however, started in a bad mood and the rain did not help! #anothersideofJonny
We made good progress, even after discovering that Pete’s front gears were no longer working. We deviated a little from the cycle routes to grab some food, and ate lunch under the carport of CarreFour in Meer. We also found out about a bike shop just ahead on our route.
Somewhere in a field between there and the shop we crossed into The Netherlands. I’m still sad I don’t get a stamp in my passport, or have to change money!
An expensive fix of Pete’s bike, a new coat for Jonny and we were back in the rain and at the campsite about 7km from Breda. It is a small family run site and the owners were very welcoming, showing us into the garage and giving us line to hang our wet stuff up. The woman then got a little funny when we sat in there and read and chatted so we are now back in our tents cooking tea and playing Monopoly Deal. As I said, it is still raining so we haven’t ventured out again to see Breda. If it is dry in the morning we might swing through on our way to see what we missed, but maybe not?

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