Day 5…

…was not the day we planned. But I am sure it was just as good, if not better. As we dried off last night we decided that rather than the longer distance to Rotterdam, and then the pressure to see Rotterdam, a big city,in what is left of the day (not to mention if it rained again), followed by a long day to Utrecht, and the same pressure to see it, we would opt for less pressure. So we decided to miss out Rotterdam, and commit to a weekend break there soon. Instead we would head straight to Utrecht; two shorter days and the more time to be holiday.
So we set off a bit late, after trying to dry things out in the morning sun, and headed into Breda. We hadn’t bothered last night as it was still raining, so we stopped for a wander/cycle around. It had nice squares and some typically European buildings. I am sure there is more to it, but our brief interlude did not discover it.
The cycle paths were similar to yesterday’s expect today we could see them! No rain in our eyes to distort the view of field dotted with windmills and winding waterways. A steady breeze kept the temperature down, so it was a delightful ride. Nothing too eventful, and sadly we even managed to avoid the many ferry crossings that dot the waterways across this land.
We did that using the cycle paths built onto the motorway bridges! And we are still enjoying the motorists giving way to us. We also passed a number of groups of older folk out for a ride, something you just don’t see in UK.
On arrival in Gorinchem we found the info office in the middle of the grand square of this small old town and found we had two campsites to choose from. We opted for the 5km ride over the costly ferry ride!
Suprisingly this decision much more difficult and devisive that it should have been!!
It looks like a great site, although we haven’t explored it. We took our time, pitched, cooked, chatted and then Jonny and I headed back for a night ride around town. It looked just as pretty and old, and I like the fact that it is surrounded by draw bridges!

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