Day 6…

…must be our shortest day ever!? We set off late and certainly didnt rush. We stopped for a lengthy discussion and still made it into Utrecht by 1pm.
It was a shaky start as moods were low, presumably due to lack of sleep, but then it was a good ride, with good weather again. More canals and rivers to follow and a couple more ferries; one of them captained by someone obviously born to be a captain; he looked exactly as you would expect!!
The rest of the route followed a similar pattern, and in no time we were coming into Utrecht. For the lasty day or so I have been hearing an unexpected noise from my back wheel, so when we saw a bike shop next to a grassy spot for lunch I went in. It was grea to chat to a local cyclist, and watch him play with both my wheels, making them dead straight again after all the cobbles. It hasn’t stopped the noise, but well worth the 5 Euro.
Then into town. And what a delightful town! The Tourist Info lady was a bit strange, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. She did NOT recommend the campsite on the edge of town, but then a fellow assistant interupted to say that it was now under a new owner so it has toilets and showers, but no shop! We risked it, and it is great. The new toilet and showers are fantastic. Even the torrential downpour as we cooked tea did not ruin it.
Maybe it as much to do with our mood as it is the actual place, but we all really liked Utecht. We just walked the streets, stopping a bar for a beer, walked some more. Marvelled at the cafe and pubs along the lower bank of the canal, walked some more. Had an ice cream and sat in the square to eat it. An old town, which reminded me a bit of Colmar, France (from my 2010 trip), and very lively, everyone enjoying themselves. We even watched two girls paddle a dingy down the canal at 1030pm!
A quick game of cards before bed, during which there was another downpour, then bed.

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