Day Three…

Is it really only day three!? Today was a Mountain Cluster day!
I aimed for the Alpine Downhill but by the time I got to the mountain it was almost finished so I headed straight for the Snowboard Slopestyle at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park. This is another subjective scoring system that I couldn’t work out, but we won a medal so I am reluctant to write it off easily!! It isn’t so much an art either, though, is it?
Anyway, great atmosphere and great to be there for our first medal!! I got to celebrate with our Culture Secretary, although I had to ask Facebook who she was because she just introduced herself as ‘from the government!’

In the car on the way up I was with other IOC members, one of whom had visited the area during the bidding and a few times since. He said that even last year the towns we drove through and the road we drove on did not exist!! It all looks great now, but apparently inside is not as good.
The new town is called Krasnaya Polyana which apparently means Red Valley, as this was a scene for a particularly bloody battle once!

Since I was up in the mountains I thought I may as well stay, so hung on for the Women’s 7500m Biathlon at the Laura Biathlon Centre. What an amazing sport. My expectations were low, how interesting can long distance skiing be?
Well., throw in a staggered start, shooting with time penalties and a magnificent stadium and it was incredibly exciting!! We had a Brit in it and I think she did as well as expected. But the atmosphere was buzzing which made the event a great one.

I then found myself in the lift with guy who I think might be the a President of Finland!?

Then a decision. 830pm and still am hour to get home. Shall I go to another event: Luge or Ski Jumping, or head back?

I decided to year back down and I end the day now in the Medals Plaza. Sadly I passed Team GB on the way out having just accepted the Bronze fir Slopestyle!

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