Day Five…

If yesterday was unproductive then today could not be more different! And it was even a late start.
We slept late and only just made it to breakfast in time. Then a lazy time getting ready meant that I caught the Midday bus up to the mountain.
It has gotten a bit colder in town and much colder up top. I arrived to see the last part of the Ski Slopestyle at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park. I didn’t quite get the snowboard version and I got this even less.

Then a short walk over to the other side of the park to the Ham Stadium for the Snowboard Half-pipe. How different from Slopestyle is this? Maybe I just don’t know enough about them, but I don’t see a huge difference. That said, it is impressive to watch, and very entertaining. It seems the Brit pushed it a little too hard and came a cropper.

Then down the mountain part way and back up a different part. We had a good medal chance in the Men’s Cross Country Sprint so I was heading to Laura. I would have had similar thoughts of this and Biathlon before coming, but after my biathlon experience on Sunday I was ready to be excited. It was the Men’s and Women’s Free Sprint, but they were not competing against one another. They just interspersed the heats of each, then the finals. One reason it is so exciting is the crowd. The Europeans love it, and there are loads of them here.
Sadly the British guy had a really bad race and didn’t make it through to the quarter final.

Then still up in Laura I headed over for a bit more Biathlon!! It did not disappoint.

Finally, close to the bus terminal, is the RusSki Gorki Jumping Centre. And tonight was the first ever Women’s Ski Jumping! I was there to witness this ‘historic occasion’ and to hear them over-play that card a little!!

I have noticed something today, or at least I made note of it having noticed it a few times already. We are told not to judge on appearances yet the look up and down as one enters a room remains the first impression! Here it is slightly different. Here there is the ‘Pass Glance.’
When you get into a car, a lift or just meet someone at a function the first thing you both do us glance down at the accreditation pass. A bit like dogs smelling each others bum, this immediately lets you both know where you ‘fit’. For some this then affects how you are treated. I hope I do it mostly out of interest. My pass is an interesting one. On first glance you see IOC** which means ‘important’ so in many situations I am immediately looked after, given drinks etc. However, those more knowledgeable of the system then see that I am an ‘Accompanying Guest.’ This is usually a spouse of an IOC member, so for sports ‘politicians’ there is not much use giving me too much attention because I can’t do much to help them, like vote in their favour. If no one else is there, though, a couple have given me the hard sell in the hope I will pass on favourable thoughts!
Since I have no agenda other than enjoying the games I am enjoying two strategies. One is to hide my pass and leave them guessing for a bit, they hate that!! The other is to embrace the dignitary status and then to be as kind and servant-hearted as possible. That tends to throw people a bit too!

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