Day Seven…

…began with Physio. I had slept fairly well on the hard sofa rather than the soft, painful bed. Adam insists I must have because my snoring kept him awake!

I headed over to my Physio follow up appointment and met another strong, albeit slightly less aggressive Russian who stretched and contorted me more than I normally would before I had a bad back! After this session I felt even better and embarked on a ‘normal’ schedule.

First event of the day was Speed Skating in the Iceberg Skating Centre. We had a few Brits in the races and a couple of medal chances so excitement was high. Sadly only one girl made it through the heats and she then got through to the semi-finals too. We had just watched the Men’s Final where there had been a crash. Then in the first corner Our Girl slipped, taking two other skaters out with her. She managed to get back up and come 2nd in the race so for a moment we celebrated a silver medal! But then the official scores came through and she had been disqualified for the fall! Such a shame.

Then over to the Bolshoy Ice Dome for Men’s Ice Hockey – Russia v Slovenia. Great venue, full of Russians! Exciting game which Russia dominated, but we were cheering for Slovenia who did look to have a chance during the second period! Not in the third, though, and the whole place erupted as the home team won!!

A new feature today had been pin swapping. Adam got hold of a bag of Team GB pins and stole half of them! Then, when I met someone from another country we could swap pins. I am an amateur and have no chance of matching some with vey heavy ribbons full of pins, but it is a fun sideline!!

After the hockey Adam and I headed to the Olympic Club for dinner. This is an exclusive club for IOC members and their guests. Very swanky, as you can imagine, and pretty good food too. We then went for a walk around the park, since Adam had not been in since before the games started. As usual there was a great atmosphere and much photo-taking!

We ended in the Medals Plaza to see Russia take a Figure Skating Gold and the Polish one for something else!? Then headed back to the hotel.

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