What Day Am I On? Eight?…

The alarm went off at 745 much to Adam’s dismay, and I was a bit more sore than when I went to bed. But not too bad to change plans and after doing my physio exercises it was pretty good again.

I was up early to catch the Mountain Express for the Men’s Combined Downhill at the Rosa Khutor Alpine Centre, the furthest away venue. No snow in a few weeks means the conditions are deteriorating and so they moved it an hour earlier to get most in before it got too hot.

I grabbed some breakfast, but need nit have because there was breakfast available in the venue lounge. It was great to eat porridge and muesli on the veranda overlooking the alpine track!!

The event was great too, with a mix up in the expected standings. I won’t be able to stay for the Slalom part thus afternoon, but this was a good start. It was also good to see the last 20 runs were for development guys to have a go. I am guessing they would not have shown it on telly, but it was fun to see the crowd getting so enthusiastic for these young guys.

I then had four hours to kill before the Skeleton. I did try to go further up the mountain at the recommendation of a Russian volunteer friend, but pass did not allow it- the first time!!!

Instead I headed down to the mountain hub and looked out a souvenir shop. There was a Souvenir Fayre just by the station, but prices seem to be even more than in the Olympic Shop! To get there I had to go out of the accreditation zone and thought I may as well stay out and make my way to the event by public transport. Oh Boy do the public have to go through even tighter security than we do! I had my bottles of water and orange juice taken, and my bag thoroughly searched! I eventually made it onto the bus and up to the next venue.

This is the last venue that I have not yet been to. The Sanki Sliding Centre is the venue for Luge, Skeleton and Bobsled. Tonight was the Men’s Skeleton first two runs and then Ladies Skeleton final runs.

Yesterday one of the GB sliders had done well and was currently in the lead by a good margin. Unless she crashed she would reasonably easily keep the lead and win gold!

The GB men are less competitive but with a chance if top ten. However, when I first started watching Adam in Skeleton it was the early in the career of Alexsander Tretiakov, a Russian slider. He had a great start with a fast push, but then lost time all the way down! He was invariably last. However, a naturally good push is a great asset. Good driving comes with experience, and so with time he would be good. Here we are eight years later and his driving has gotten good!! And he has the home advantage of extra track time! So, it was no surprise that Tretiakov is in the lead after today’s two runs.

Then the Ladies final two runs. After the first it was still looking hopeful for Lizzie Yarnold. We watched the first run from the start, which is always exciting as they explode onto the track. For the second, though, we wanted to be on the stand at the end. That is where the celebration would happen!! We managed to work our way to a good spot close to some other Brits and not far from Lizzie’s family and friends.

A few good runs mixed up the order, particular one from USA. But then Team GB did not disappoint. The crowd went wild, partly because Russia had also won the bronze, but that didn’t matter. We all had a great time. Lots of GBR/RUS photos on the stands. Lots of jumping around behind Lizzie’s parents as they were being interviewed. Great fun.

David and Shirley had said that the food at this venue for was better than the others! Then whilst there the chef seemed to take a liking to Shirley and gave her personal service. It was sad then, that they became sick on the way home, it seems with food poisoning! Not such a great end to their day.

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