Day Nine…

…is my last day at the Olympics. I don’t know if you have ever written any kind of diary but if you have followed my previous travels you will know that I struggle to maintain mt writing till the end. Not because there is less to say. Maybe because the process is less exciting so I feel less compelled to tell the story? And not because I don’t want to go home. I do, there is much to get back to!

The day had many decisions. None of them important outside the Olympic bubble. How do I make the most of my last day? David and Shirley were ill, having been poisoned by the over attentive chef at the skeleton track, it seems. Adam had suggested going skiing, which I was keen to do. But with my last session of physio this morning is that sensible, and since when did I become sensible?

Well, I was today and decided to stay down in the park for my last day. So I headed off for my last physio and massage, from another strong looking Russian man, this time very round! Without this care my Olympic experience would have ended on Thursday so I am incredibly grateful. The whole time I felt like I was taking advantage a bit but no one ever treated me like that. I am clearly no athlete, yet they seemed to treat me with as much diligence.

Then to Speed Skating in the Iceberg. Elise was racing again and could do well, but I arrive too late and missed her heat. It was sad to look up the results and find DNF! After DQ the other day she will be gutted. I am not sure she deserves the abuse she has received via twitter and Facebook, though!

I didn’t stay for the rest of the heats and instead headed to the Ice Cube to see our Men curling against the Canadians. A good match, but another lose at the end.

Then I had to decide if I was going up to the mountain for the Men’s Skeleton final, or staying down here for the Women’s Skeleton Medal Ceremony. I decided that since the Men’s final was pretty much sorted, for gold and silver at least, I wouldn’t miss much by staying down.

When I looked around the media centre the other day I did not find the broadcast units. Well, last night I met a guy who had found them. So I followed his directions and what a spectacle!! A purpose built gallery of multiple editing suites and sound booths and server rooms and equipment rooms and news rooms and more editing suites!! Apparently 14 venues all covered with cameras and all being streamed to this corridor. And this is just the OBS Suites. In addition to this will be all the regional broadcasters like BBC. They have their own section!

Then back to the hotel to change for the medals ceremony. My sister had made me a Union Flag tie and I had only had one opportunity to wear it, so I thought this would be a good second opportunity. I also needed to pack! I did most of my packing and got dressed and headed out to get a car. Where there were usually a line of T3 cars, today there was one, thankfully a minibus. We had timed it just wrong to coincide with Putin leaving the hockey game so all the roads were closed and all the cars stuck out there on the park! Then when the minibus left, just as we approached the park we joined a queue, which had formed for the same reason! So the six of us heading to the Medals Plaza got out and walked the rest.
We made it in plenty of time and squeezed into a spot where we could see other Union Flags. It turned out to be Mr and Mrs Yarnold and their family and friends. What a privilege to be with these guys at such a moment, Mr Yarnold was rather emotional! There were about 20 of us in total, including the GB curling team, so we sang God Save The Queen with aplomb!!!

After the ceremony I hung out with the IOC guys from the bus for a while then as they headed off for more hockey I went for one last walk around the Olympic Park. I used my invitations to some of the National Houses… Norway, Italy, USA, Switzerland, Russia, and picked up a few more pins too.

As I walked back to the hockey stadium to get transport I passed the BBC veranda where Lizzie was being interviewed. I was expecting Claire to spot me and invite me over but she didn’t!

And so back to the hotel. Final bit of packing and to bed in the shower!! My snoring has been keeping Adam awake, but we found a solution. His Dad had discovered that the long, firm cushion from the sofa fitted perfectly in the shower stall! And there is the added bonus of a door to separate us too!! If only we had discovered this before the last night!!

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