Day Three…

…was both shorter than yesterday and less hilly than Monday, which is just what I needed!

There is a fine line to be had between holiday and endurance event. I suppose this line only appears when you choose to go on holiday by bike but that’s us!! It can get to a point where the hard work of cycling is no longer enjoyable, but thankfully we have not yet reached it. Good planning and good company both account for that, I think.

We started the day with a bit of a climb and then choose to do an optional big climb up to two castles, which we saw in the hills!! The first castle, Beeston Castle, turned out to be English Heritage and Closed. The second was Peckforton Castle, a luxury hotel and home to the Land Rover experience. A spectacular castle, but we are not sure it is a real castle, it looks very new!! [Research after getting home confirms that it is a ‘A FORTIFIED HOME IN THE STYLE OF A MEDIEVAL CASTLE’ built between in 1842 and 1851, and lived in till 1939]

The villages round here are very well kept and have huge houses. Much of the wood finishing is painted red, perhaps part of an estate, like all the building in the Chatsworth Estate have a certain blue.

The hills rolled and I climbed a bit slower than yesterday but enjoyed it, apart from the wasp sting. As we got closer to Wales there was a ridge of hills ahead, would we have to cross them?

We were looking forward to talking pictures beside the Welcome to Wales signs, but we got to where the line is on the map and nothing. Very disappointing. I began to wonder if the map want quite right, but then the road signs started to include Welsh instructions so it seems to have been correct!

Before that, though, we did have to cross a picturesque Bridge over the Dee in Bangor-is-y-coed. It it a one way bridge coming into the Village, but we opted to go against the flow and anger some drivers!

We continued to head straight for the hills, but then just as we started to climb our course veered left and instead we went down, towards the river.

The maps I printed from Google are not that detailed so we had some trouble finding out way from the main roads into the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. An amazing structure carrying the canal across the valley. I have been before, but it is no less impressive. A shame we didn’t actually have to cross to go where we were headed, but good to visit.

The last stretch was along the canal, just in a different direction. And what was meant to be a final dash turned out to be a push against the wind! Once in Llangollen mistaken route planning meant climbing a huge hill twice, but again worth it for a delightful campsite in the hills, with sheep sharing the field!!

This is the first day that I remembered to turn on my bike computer at the start, so the first day that I have accurate stats…
Total time cycling 3:38:32
Distance 34.67 miles
Average Speed 9.5 mph
Max Speed 33.2 mph

We then had plenty of time to head back into town for a look around and some food by the gushing river, before the best nights sleep yet!


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