Route B11

Summer 2011 I cycled from Bath to Biarritz, just for a holiday this time!

Since coming back I have plotted pretty much the exact route I took.  Sometimes the cycle route is not on it so I have marked the closest roads.

Here is the breakdown of my journey

Day Date Aug from to Distance (km) Cumulutive (km)
1 8th Bath Lyons Gate 68  68
2 9th Lyons Gate Weymouth 31.8  99.8
3 10th Weymouth St Malo 1  100.8
4 11th St Malo Paimont 93.4  194.2
5 12th Paimont Donges 94.6  288.8
6 13th Donges St Gervais 74.7  363.5
7 14th St Gervais         Jard sur mer      80.8               444.3
8 15th Jard sur mer La Rochelle 73.3  517.6
9 16th La Rochelle       Ronce les Bains  72.9               590.5
10 17th Ronce les Bains Montalivet 66.3  656.8
11 18th Montalivet Pyla 105.3  762.1
12 19th Pyla Contis Plage 79.1  841.2
13 20st Contis Plage Biarritz 97  938.2
14 21nd Home

Summer 2010 I cycled most of the way from Brussels to Cephalonia
Summer 2012 I cycled from Biarritz to Madrid
Summer 2013 I cycled from Brussels to Amsterdam
September 2015 I cycled from Bowness to Newcastle


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