Kit List M12

Below is the equipment I am currently using.  There is a kit-list for each of my previous trips in those sections- but it hasn’t changed much.

The Bike
Cube SL Cross Comp

This was a gift from my family for my 34th Birthday in 2010.  It has done over 2000 miles so far. I have added spd pedals, two water bottles, and a rear pannier rack.

Giro  Indicator Helmet

After getting a red and black bike I bought red gear as I needed it.  However I didn’t need a new helmet so stuck with my blue one.  I joked that if I had a red one it would make me go faster- I think it has!


carrying my worldly possesions
Rear: Revolution Adventure Welded Panniers
Good, spacious, waterproof.  What more do you need?  I got a new bracket to replace one I ripped off and one of the closing clips is gaffer-taped on, but still holds fine and keeps everything dry.

Bar: Altura Dryline Bar Bagfor valuables
Possibly a bit too big, but water-proof and ideal for keeping the important things to hand whilst cycling; chocolate, music, sandwiches…

Exped Dry Bags

The large blue one is great for keeping the clean clothes in, and away from the dirty ones- also helpful for shower trips.

My home for 6 weeks!

Vango Superlite Helium 100
It is just big enough for me to fit inside, but is very warm and very light.  It is also very easy to put up and take down.

Sleeping Mat
Multimat 25 Self-inflating

The biggest item on my bike!
However, I do often suffer from lower back pain so a good night’s sleep is going to be important.  Quite bulky, but not that heavy but it rolls up nice and tight and making the ground very comfortable! I have never had one that has lasted the whole trip without puncturing by the valve. We will see.


Obviously I will be taking some regular clothes but these are the specialist items…

Specialized BG Primo SPD Shoes
it seems that cycling shoes only come in black or grey.  So I have personalised with some red laces!!

Big Man’s Tailored Jersey (from USA!!)
Specialized Lycra Shorts

Technology: Nokia E72everything but the sink!
This will hold all my mp3, keep me in touch with blog and home, maps, gps and camera.
This year I also have a Revolution Phone Holder.


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