Route M12

Summer 2012 I continued on from 2011 and cycled from Biarritz to Madrid.

Since coming back I have plotted pretty much the exact route I took.  Sometimes the ridiculous mountain path we took is not on it so I have marked the closest roads.

Here is the breakdown of my journey

Day Date Aug from to Distance (km) Cumulutive (km)
1 19th fly to Biarritz
2 20th Biarritz Erratzu  54.4 54.4
3 21st Erratzu Pamplona  58.3 112.7
4 22nd Pamplona Estella  66.8 179.5
5 23rd Estella Logrono  52.9 232.4
6 24th Logrono Villoslada  52.0 284.4
7 25th Villoslada         Soria                65.0             349.4
8 26th Soria  El Burgo  60.7 410.1
9 27th El Burgo           Riaza               66.3              476.4
10 28th Riaza El Berrueco  85.9 562.3
11 29th El Berrueco Madrid  62.12 624.42
12 30th Campsite Madrid  11.1 635.52

Summer 2010 I cycled most of the way from Brussels to Cephalonia
Summer 2011 I cycled from Bath to Biarritz
Summer 2013 I cycled from Brussels to Amsterdam
September 2015 I cycled from Bowness to Newcastle


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