Kit List N15

My first tour in UK, and a shorter one, so I didn’t take everything, took a few others things too.

The Bike
Cube SL Cross Comp

This is still going strong after 5 years.  It has done over 8000 miles so far, including my commute. I have added spd pedals, two water bottles, and a rear pannier rack.

Giro  Indicator Helmet

After getting a red and black bike I bought red gear as I needed it.  However I didn’t need a new helmet so stuck with my blue one.  I joked that if I had a red one it would make me go faster- I think it has!


carrying my worldly possesions
Rear: Revolution Adventure Welded Panniers
Good, spacious, waterproof.  What more do you need?  I got a new bracket to replace one I ripped off and one of the closing clips is gaffer-taped on, but still holds fine and keeps everything dry.

Bar: Altura Dryline Bar Bagfor valuables
Possibly a bit too big, but water-proof and ideal for keeping the important things to hand whilst cycling; chocolate, music, sandwiches…

Exped Dry Bags

The large blue one is great for keeping the clean clothes in, and away from the dirty ones- also helpful for shower trips.




I do just fit!Sleeping Bag
Vango Nitestar 300 XL

I haven’t taken this since my first tour over the Alps, but thought that UK in September would warrant it. Annoyingly we stayed in much more substantial places than I was expecting, so again it was a bit of an unnecessary drag.


Obviously I will be taking some regular clothes but these are the specialist items…

Mavic Cruize Mountains Shoes 2012Mavic Shoes
it seems that cycling shoes only come in black or grey.  So I have personalised with some red laces!!

Technology: Garmin Dakota 20
I wasn’t planning the trip so I didn’t know the route before hand- this would have been helpful!